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Net Concepts is a company mainly works for professional copywriting. We are major in 3 sections: Website Content, PowerPoint Presentation, and Company Profile.

For Website Structure & Website Content

We don’t need a website, we need an effective website. An effective website should serve 2 groups of audiences: Potential Customers who visit the website, and Search Engine (Google) who crawls the website.
For Customers, we have to ensure that the website content delivers the proper message about company capability, products and services. Through meaningful website content, we wish to gain customer intention to enquire us, to know more about us, and finally to buy from us.
On the other side, for Google, we have to ensure that the website content is search engine friendly. Website content must contain targeted keywords. Website content must be readable by machines (Search Engines). Website structure must be meaningful to machines.
Engage us for website content copywriting. We can share more of our experiences with you.

For PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the widely used tools for presentation. It is always easy to use this tool, but it is not easy to make a powerful and impactful presentation. The atmosphere of the presentation session can be very much different, depending on the layout/ design of the PowerPoint Slides, the Content on the Slides, and the Sequence of the Slides.
We know your difficulties. We can listen to your ideas, understand your target audience, and plan out a proper PowerPoint Presentation for you.
Engage us for PowerPoint Presentation.

For Company Profile

For project tenders and new prospects, we may want to send a company profile (hardcopy or softcopy) to the prospect after the first meeting. This company profile will be taking a very important role, as it can be either an impressive one and stay on the working desk of the prospect; or it just goes into somewhere else and never been read anymore. Hence, an meaningful and impressive company profile is vital. It may decide the sales revenue of a company.
So, how to have an impressive company profile? What are the taglines to be shown on the cover page to attract prospect’s attention? What are the short messages to be shown in the inner pages that will raise the prospect’s interest?
Engage us for company profile copywriting.
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